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A formidable team, lots of experience, a dynamic start in the business, an excellent reputation with clients and competent management.

Upscale Advertising has been a strong name in the area of developing, organising and implementing complex events and media campaigns.

Upscale advertising

The traditional communication techniques have hit a wall!

The public is not a passive receptor anymore. The plethora of experiential technologies around us bring involvement and an immersive dimension on an unprecedented scale.


From creating a logo to using next generation tech equipment, we guarantee the success of any kind of event, through flawless implementation of the concept at any stage.


Every memorable event starts with an idea. Than the idea grows into a concept, a story, a script, a visual, an experience.

‣ Creative Direction
‣ Event Concepts
‣ Copywriting
‣ Art Direction

Project Management

Every great event needs a firm hand that steers everything into the right direction.

‣ Organisational Flow
‣ Implementation & Supervising
‣ Production Services
‣ Tech Support & Consultancy


Every engaging event relies on equipment. The nuts and bolts of the machinery. We have the best tools!

‣ Organisational Flow
‣ Implementation & Supervising
‣ Production Services
‣ Tech Support & Consultancy


Some events transcend the basic level of presentation. Being at the forefront of the experiential art, this is what brings us most of the fun.

‣ Video Mapping
‣ Virtual Reality
‣ Holograms & Interactivity
‣ Video Control Center

We bring cutting-edge solutions to the table.

This is the magic formula of our success as a full service agency and event company. We mediate the dialogue between the public and the brands, corporations or institutions. We are here to help the transition to the fluid environment of experiences in the new millennium.

Our goal to generate spectacular experiences that last long time after the event in the mind and soul of the participants, at the junction between digital interactivity and complex live event solutions.


Pro-fest media

2015 · Technical Project Management

Paradigma Production

2016 · Outdoor Media Strategy

Spotlight Bucharest

2016 · Technical support

Banca Transilvania

2017 · Creative, Video Production & Technical Project management

Upscale Advertising
Upscale Advertising
Upscale Advertising
Upscale Advertising
Upscale Advertising

The team

Our team brings together a vast array of expertise, that covers the whole range of solutions for complex event production.

Our professional experts have extensive experience with the most important companies specialised in event management, advertising and audio-video production.

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